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This post is a shameless attempt to introduce nnn - https://github.com/jarun/nnn

I've been writing `nnn` for a year and it's stable now. Available on several distros and each release comes with cooked packages for multiple distros.

`nnn` runs on Linux, OS X, Raspberry Pi, Cygwin, Linux subsystem for Windows and Termux.

`nnn` is probably the fastest and most resource-sensitive file manager you have ever used. It integrates seamlessly with your DE and favourite GUI utilities, has a unique _navigate-as-you-type_ mode with auto-select, disk usage analyzer mode, bookmarks, familiar navigation shortcuts, subshell spawning and much more (PS the complete list of features in the homepage).

Integrate utilities like `sxiv` or `fzy` easily; `nnn` supports as many scripts as you need!

Looking for feedback, feature requests and contributions from the community.

Note: If you are a terminal lover please take a look at my other projects as well. I have been writing terminal utilities those seamlessly integrate with the GUI for a few years now. Just trying to get the best of both the worlds.


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I did both but nnn just opens textdocument with the normal texteditor
sounds like nnn opens them with the default editor for your distro (ie: the same editor that visudo would use to edit the sudoers file).

There's different ways to change your default text editor.. feel free to open a new topic for that discussion if you like!

However, 'export EDITOR=nano' prior to running nnn should work.

Edit: to permanently change the default editor in Ubuntu for example, you could type 'sudo update-alternatives --config editor'

Edit #2: I installed nnn on my xubuntu installation. It looks like if you hit 'enter' on the text file it opens in 'mousepad' (gui editor), but if you click 'e' it will open it in your default editor (vim for me).
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sudo dpkg -i /home/pi/Transmissionen/nnn_1.9-1_armhf.deb
(Read database ... 120561 files and directories are currently installed.)
Preparation for unpacking ... / nnn_1.9-1_armhf.deb ...
Unpacking nnn (1.9-1) over (1.9-1) ...
dpkg: Prevent Dependency Problems Configuring nnn:
nnn depends on libncursesw6 (> = 6); but:
Package libncursesw6 is not installed.
nnn depends on libtinfo6 (> = 6); but:
Package libtinfo6 is not installed.

dpkg: Error while editing the package nnn (--install):
Dependency issues - remains unconfigured
Triggers for man-db ( are processed ...
Errors occurred while editing:

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