1. G

    Check Java version from Command Line

    I have a Java installation and I have only access via bash. How can I check the Java version from command line.
  2. G

    List installed packages

    How can I list installed rpm packages ?
  3. A

    How to Install wifi drivers in Fedora with amd hardware

    I have lenovo ideapad 330 ryzen 5 with 8gb of ram, now tell me how to install wlan drivers in my laptop. I checked wireless hardware it shows as realtek
  4. A

    Fedora installed on USB drive boots from laptop w/nvidia card but not pc w/amd card

    I have Fedora 30 installed on a thumb drive which I use for work. I use it both on my home PC and my work laptop. My home PC has a Ryzen 2600X CPU and an AMD RX 590 video card. Recently my work laptop was upgraded from a Lenovo Thinkpad with no video card to an Acer Aspire 7, which has an...
  5. K

    Wifi connected but no internet access

    Hello I installed fedora and now it is connected to wifi but no internet access With Ethernet everything is ok
  6. PlaceyAUS

    Sharing folders in Fedora-Server

    I have recently moved from Windows to Linux for all my machines. Everything has been smooth sailing and I love, just Love Fedora. Was a hater of Gnome for years... but have been converted. I have setup gnome perfectly and will probably not use anything else desktop wise for a while. New to...
  7. G

    F29 BootPen instalation error: BUG : soft lockup #CPU1 stuck for 23s

    Hi everyone. So i'm trying for the first time to do a dual boot of Fedora 29 from a boot pen. I have alrealdy Windows 10 installed(i did a restore of the windows), I created a partition and the boot pen with Fedora media writer. I did the Boot restart and started Fedora from the usb pen. After a...
  8. Rob

    Fedora 29 Released

    Fedora has released version 29 today! I've already downloaded it to install on the spare macbook this evening. From the Fedora Magazine site: "In just one week, it will be fifteen years since we announced the release of Fedora Core 1. Now, we’re announcing the release of Fedora 29 — now not...
  9. Rob

    Linux.org is sticking with CentOS

    After the announcement of IBM acquiring Red Hat, there has been a lot of fear and uncertainty within the Linux community about whether to drop ties with RHEL / CentOS / Fedora or not. This is expected, and i'm sure IBM and the higher-ups at Red Hat knew the announcement would shake some people...
  10. H

    problem with installing linux-based OSs

    Hey there dear experts, I am currently using windows 10 OS (UEFI Bios mode) and for my scientific works I need to have a linux based os (ubuntu, fedora, scientific linux ... any of these will work) installed along with my current operating system. I have tried installing ubuntu 18.04 and fedora...
  11. D

    Parrot OS 4.0 (Debian-based)

    Parrot Security OS 4.0 has just been released! This is a serious pentesting distribution that is based on Debian. I highly recommend getting acquainted with it: https://www.parrotsec.org/ For any newcomers who are migrating from Windows, this course might be helpful...
  12. JRWvol

    Want To Go Full Mounty LINUX - Need Advice

    Greetings people. This is a hello and “I’m desperate. More like angry and want to jump to LINUX ASAP.” Horrible way to start a post. Kindly bear with me as I explain. I’m fed up with Microsoft after enduring installation and use of their Windows 10. Let’s leave it at that before I end up...
  13. Rob

    Installing Fedora 26 Beta on a MacBook Air

    Since Fedora 26 Beta came out a few days ago, I decided it was a great time to throw it on my 13" MacBook Air. This MacBook Air is a model number A1466 EMC 2925 which looks like a 2015ish model, 8gb mem, 2.2GHz i7, 512gb ssd. First thing I did was download the beta. You can grab it from the...
  14. Rob

    Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Manager reddit AMA

    Yesterday, Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project Manager did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit. AMAs are great because it connects regular people to those that most think aren't easily accessible on a day to day basis. Matthew has been a regular on the /r/linux subreddit for quite a while - this...
  15. C

    How to share a connection between two interfaces

    Okay so either I am dummer then I look or there is a real problem here. Fedora 23 Interface 1: enp9s0 Wired (Internet connection) Interface 2: wlp0s20u14 Wireless (no internet connection) Here is what I am trying to do: Create a...
  16. R

    LetsEncrypt: Free Valid SSL certificates for everyone!

    I recently read an article in the Fedora Magazine about LetsEncrypt entering Beta Testing. It seems awesome. https://fedoramagazine.org/letsencrypt-enters-public-beta/ https://fedoramagazine.org/letsencrypt-now-available-fedora/ I'm going to try it soon.