1. M

    Bluetooth low range issue

    Hello! I'm running Fedora 40 on my Dell Inspiron 7386 and having problems when I connect my mouse Logitech M650 and headset Redragon H848 with Bluetooth. The laptop connects successfully with both devices but has very low range; i.e., I can't move the mouse 15 cm away from the laptop without the...
  2. A

    Nobara isnt booting from USB.

    I have 2 usb's. i flashed the nobara installer with rufus to usb 1 and it worked perfectly. When starting the installation i choose to delete entire disk for the os and i also chose the no swap memory option. The installation went perfectly and installed withot error. It told me to reboot but...
  3. P

    Fedora drive encryption

    I set up Fedora drive encryption when I installed it, but now I am changing distros. I don't know how to remove the encryption. So I do I do it any help would be appreciated.
  4. rheaalleen

    iSCSI mount in Fedora CoreOS with iPXE

    Was looking into SAN for booting a diskless CoreOS VM but didn´t find any good ressources so I tried a bit for myself. Found myself various solutions: iPXE boot with attached disk from hypervisor and define INSTALLDEV /dev/sda in iPXE script (No SAN) Live boot iso or iPXE with an Ignition...
  5. S

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora.

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora. I found out that it only had RHEL and Ubuntu Certification (https://ubuntu.com/certified/202309-32038), but not Fedora. So my question is will Fedora 100% work on it without any problems...
  6. A

    Website loading issue on Linux

    I was trying to access some ecommerce site but the site never load properly in any browser (Chrome, EDGE, Firefox), BTW Using Fedora 38. I didn't thought it's a problem i thought it's their site issue. So i mailed them. they said no problem on their side, So i thought let me once check on my...
  7. M

    airplane mode can’t be switched off

    After I upgraded to fedora 37 and rebooted the system, the airplane mode is on and can’t be switched off anymore. Meaning, now my Wi-fi is disconnected. I am using a Lenovo machine. Any ideas how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.
  8. T

    Can't create bootable install of Fedora 37 on Macbook Pro (mid-2009)

    Hi there, I fail to create a bootable install of Fedora 37 on my somewhat antique MBP. I'm using a USB drive that I created with Fedora Media Writer I get the following error message twice during the installation: --- The following error occurred while installing the boot loader. The system...
  9. super_user_do

    Your experience with Nobara 36

    Hello everybody :) Have you guys already tried Nobara 36? The Gaming-Focused Linux distro, fork of Fedora and developed by GloriousEggroll What's your opinion?
  10. Y

    keyboard and touchpad not working Fedora 34 Acer aspire R5

    Hi everybody. I got laptop and try to install Fedora 34. When I enter as live mode I found that keyboard and touchpad not works. But bluetooth devices working fine. Also I tried load without graphic mode quiet 3 and keyboard is working. Can anyone help ? Laptop: Acer Aspire R5-571TG Xorg logs...
  11. wolste99

    New to Linux and need install direction

    Hello, all I am new and this is my first post. I'm glad to be here! I have been playing around, and reading/learning about, Linux the past several weeks. (I have a Raspberry Pi 400 I've been checking out and I have a small Lenovo laptop with Ubuntu). I have an ASUS 17" gaming laptop and I...
  12. C

    I can't boot my laptop from the Grub screen.

    There was a problem with my notebook that made me reinstall Fedora 35 on it. I put the bootable flash drive and the process. Everything went well in the first steps, until the installation itself went wrong. I believe I have done something wrong in the configuration partitions when separating...
  13. L

    Can not start windows 10 after getting dualboot

    So... long story short. I'm an aspiring programmer, and I have ADD - the distractions of windows [all the programs, discords, websites, icons, games and such] are really detrimental to my learning process, so I have decided to install a Linux distro for the sole purpose of programming on there...
  14. D

    Set directory permission for a mounted SD disk

    Hello there! I cannot say I'am a newbie in Linux (i have been using it for a two years), but recently i bought a SD card for my laptop on Fedora Linux. And everything just works fine: i edited the /etc/fstab file to mount my sd drive at /doodisk directory automatically. But i cannot change...
  15. N

    home work

    Hello, please tell me how to install the terminal
  16. L

    (Help) Lost fedora34-cinnamon entries in grub bootup after installing fedora34-gnome

    Hello im fairly new to linux, kindly help resolve this. In addition to windows 10, i installed fedora 34 cinnamon(with disk encryption.) On boot up, grub showed entries for both these OSes, all great. Then i installed fedora 34 gnome(with disk encryption), as the third OS on my pc. After this...
  17. V

    Custom kernel on fedora

    Will I receive fedora kernel updates for my custom kernel. I want to use binder... so thought of compiling the kernel from source enabling binder option... If then, will I be receiving kernel updates from fedora for my custom config (updates except for binder)... Or can i install binder as an...
  18. N

    Best Distro for All-in-One Raspberry Pi Server

    Hello all, I'm interested in making a Raspberry Pi 4 into an all in one server and I'd like suggestions on which distros and software you think would be best. What I mean by ALL IN ONE: a) DNS - piHole for ad blocking and privacy. b) DHCP - for manually managing 10-20 devices connected also for...
  19. bonsaiBillie

    Issues with Corrupted Display

    Hello friendos! I've been facing issues with my display for Fedora 30 Cinnamon on my Matebook Huawei laptop. Every now and then some of my open applications displays are corrupted, and then when I move the window about it temporarily corrects the display. I've attached an image showing this (I...
  20. G

    Disable Selinux Temporarily

    I want to dislabe SeLinux but this will be temporary where after reboot it should be enabled.