1. S

    I need a stable Linux distro

    I need a Linux distribution with these specifications: intel i3 3220 :( 4 GB Ram also for programming.

    bash translation

    Greetings. . I need to convert a normal bash file, which in this case it's a "dockerfile" or docker build file from Arch to Debian. Is there any lazy script hanging around on github that fellow users are aware of ? Any app that converts these commands from a distro-specific to another ? (there r...
  3. M

    Specs linux distro

    Hello ; im using my laptop with this specs. ( in the pic ) now im running ubuntu and it running very slow im using ubuntu bcuz i like how it looks, fonts and all that stuff but its really getting slower everyday and im looking for a derivative now so i need suggestion that will run...
  4. Terminal Velocity

    Developments in the Debian installer

    After voting decided that the non-free firmware will be included in the installer and will be only one installer.
  5. S

    VM full, but where's the files?

    So I got a Debian KVM QEMU Virt Manager VM with 20G of memory. I've been using it for months without issue. However, recently it's gotten full. Okay, no problem, I'll delete stuff. But when I go to delete things, everything is small. Like if I run: du -h | sort -hr | head -n 10 It gives...
  6. A

    Returning possibility to run Debian after installing Bliss OS

    Hello everyone! I had Debian(bios-boot) on disk. Then I installed Bliss OS. After this, I lost possibility to run Debian(there is no option to run it in grub). Is it possible to add option to grub to run Debian?
  7. S

    LAMP, all sites secure but / is not [Resolved]

    I have set up and am running 4 different servers for clients and myself, three Debian 11 and one Ubuntu 20.04. I thought I set them all the same, but one of the Debian servers shows not secure when going to All my other sites are secure; I have a wildcard cert installed...
  8. D

    [Solved] How can I reset my shifted background to its normal position?

    Hi, I am using Debian 11 Bullseye. While I was playing a Simutrans pc game, while I was shifting the game map with right mouse button, my screen shifted to right! : I asked the same question in Debian forum pages since it is a little bit urgent since my screen seems awkward! Taskbar at the...
  9. Shail Murtaza

    Solved X server not running [SOLVED]

    Hi! I'm using AntiX 19.5 Core which is debian based distro without GUI in Virtual Box. You just get tty at startup in core version of AntiX Linux System Host: antix1 Kernal: 4.9.0-294-antix.1-amd64-smp Arch: x86_64 Bits: 64 console: tty1 Distro: antix-19.5_x64-core Wobblies 24 January, 2022 I...
  10. ayrton_satar

    How can I configure correctly the php executable in linux Debian?

    Hello, I have been with some problems with the PHP executable configuration in Visual Studio Code. I read some posts of people that had the same problem as mine, but did not help me at all. The error is always the same (even with the right file that is considering by PHP executable): Cannot...
  11. U

    IPtables rules to NFTables rules

    OS: Debian 11 x86_64 I am looking to convert some of my iptable rules to nftables. I have tried to use iptables-translate, but it is not translating all of my rules. My original iptables script: #!/bin/sh sudo apt install iptables # accept ports 500 and 4500, required for IKEv2 sudo...
  12. L

    WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) - Debian - "apt-get update" failing

    Hi, I've installed WSL in the Windows PC of my job (Debian in the Microsoft Store) and I have the following issue: root@PC:~# apt-get update Err:1 bullseye InRelease Cannot initiate the connection to (2a04:4e42:6d::644). - connect...
  13. Sueno1123

    Some people REALLY hate Ubuntu...

    I'm buying a new laptop soon, and I would very much love to install Linux on the old one. I have absolutely no experience with Linux, and very limited coding ability. I've heard that Ubuntu is perfect for beginners who could then later switch to Debian or something else, but is that really true...
  14. craigevil

    nala an improved apt usage: nala [--options] <command> commands: install install packages remove remove packages purge purge packages update update package list and upgrade...
  15. L

    How to install this browser on Q4OS?

    Hello, I have found a litte tutorial on how to install a browser on Q4OS 32 Bit. This is the website and these are the commands I tried but failed the first command: wget...
  16. craigevil

    Raspberry Pi OS/Debian App Stores/Package Managers

    Raspberry PI OS / Debian Package Managers Gnome-Software (Removes pi-package/Add/Remove) Application manager for GNOME sudo apt install gnome-software gnome-software-plugin-flatpak gnome-software-plugin-snap flatpak snapd packagekit-tools...
  17. BoringZombie

    Is it possible to force Linux to work with computer motherboard and GPU display output?

    Regarding: Parrot OS Home KDE I have several monitors that are in use by different devices, so Parrot OS Home main display is connected to one monitor using VGA from my desktop computer motherboard. I want to connect it to one of my other monitors for dual screen using my NVIDIA GPU DVI...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] About Debian 11 Live Boot & persistence options: bind or union

    I am using Debian 11 bullseye live iso in USB. I need persistence mode. But which one? I read there are two options : bind and union. I am asking about it, because in live boot options man page it says that : "At boot time it will look for a (read-only) medium containing a "/live" directory...
  19. S

    Midi drums not playing

    Debian 11 with KDE I have a MIDI keyboard and MIDI drums hooked up. I have LMMS running with two soundfont players loaded--one for keys, one for drums. I open a terminal and type "aconnect -l" to get the list. I connect the MIDI keyboard to the proper soundfont player and it works. I connect...
  20. G

    <SOLVED> Bluetooth not working on a Toshiba Satellite

    I unistalled blueberry when I first set up linux mint due to it not even being able to detect a speaker. I then installed blueman and everything worked fine until about a week later, when it started getting unreliable. Sometimes it starts up normally upon boot-up and works perfectly fine, but...