1. S

    Connecting to servers without ssh keys for Ansible execution

    How do I Connect to servers without ssh keys for Ansible execution. Is there any alternative to ssh keys ? or Is there any other tool which takes care of provisioning tasks by default without keys.
  2. Rob

    #AnsibleFest London 2017 videos now available

    If you missed out on going to #AnsibleFest in London last month don't worry, you can catch up on some of the things you missed in the videos. The fine folks at Ansible have posted 19 videos, most being about 40 minutes long. Titles: Applyting Ansible at HSBC Efficiency and Effectiveness...
  3. Rob

    ansible - updating only installed packages?

    In ansible at work, I have some servers grouped by their project name. Sometimes this will group varying servers together like db servers, http servers, etc.. I know I can update rpm packages using ansible, but using the below playbook, i believe it'll install the package if its not already...