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While Linux.org has been around for a while, we recently changed management and had to purge most of the content (including users). If you signed up before April 23rd please sign up again. Thanks!

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  1. Sahil rajbhar
  2. Karlta05
  3. ian jannasch
    ian jannasch Rob
    my laptop has not an ethernet port. i managed to install linux mint on the laptop but not the wifi. I redone the computer but after the first it do not want to install any linux version of mint. it runs on the usb but do not install. any advice
    1. arochester
      Mar 10, 2018
  4. wizardfromoz
    wizardfromoz NiGhTkNiGhT
  5. Vukotic Christine
    Vukotic Christine Rob
    A quoi sert linux? Est-ce comme Google ou Firefox?
    1. atanere
      I removed 2 of your 3 posts asking the same question. The "Profile Page" (of any user) is not a good place to ask technical questions. Please open a new thread in one of the forums and ask your question there. English is preferred. Thanks.
      Mar 8, 2018
  6. NiGhTkNiGhT
    Just learning Linux, long time windows user. New Career has me learning Linux now. Any tips help, thank you
    1. Samuel F. Campbell
      Samuel F. Campbell
      I was a Windows Super user, till the time some one told me about Linux and Open Source and the freedom of the market! So I dove in with a bit of assistance and off to the deep waters I have gone swimming! Enjoy,
      ~ Samuel F Campbell
      Mar 15, 2018 at 12:17 AM
  7. jerahmia gaither
    jerahmia gaither
    dumped windows completely for ubuntu
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  8. wizardfromoz
    wizardfromoz Narupon
    Hi Narupon & welcome to linux.org ... hope you enjoy your stay:) ... Hope your English is better than my Thai or else we are in trouble ;)
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  9. Narupon
    ช่างรุ่งครับ รับซ่อมรถเครนทั่วไทยครับ
  10. wizardfromoz
    wizardfromoz OpenHedgey
    WELL SO DO WE !!! ... lol. And who could not love Tux the Penguin, in your avatar, he is seriously cute. Welcome.
  11. arochester
    arochester Peter2641
    Please don't ask for help on your Profile Page. Ask, stating fully what you want help with, on the Forum so that people will see it and possibly provide an answer. Go here https://www.linux.org/forums/general-linux.143/ Click on the Post New Thread button and ask away. The more information you can give, the better.
  12. Peter2641
    Confused - help please?
  13. Dennis Burge
    Dennis Burge wizardfromoz
    Got LinuxMint on my laptop after it froze up with win 10. Yea
  14. Dennis Burge
    Dennis Burge atanere
    Hey, this is Dennis. You and the wiz were trying to help me revive an XP to Linux. Well, my laptop with win 10 crashed and I had all the info from my previous attempts. I am coming to you from LinuxMint. How about that?
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    2. atanere
      That's great news, Dennis. Glad to have you back on here, and hope that Mint works well for you. Cheers
      Mar 3, 2018
  15. OpenHedgey
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    2. atanere
      We all do! Welcome to the site, and if you have any questions, please open a new thread and ask a question in one of the forums. We'll try to help out.
      Mar 2, 2018
  16. Errin Luttrell
    Errin Luttrell
    How do I delete this account?
  17. JamieS
  18. Utkrisht Singh Chauhan
    Utkrisht Singh Chauhan
    Always Ready To help The Linux Community - UTx10101
  19. wizardfromoz
    wizardfromoz Edgar Bruder
    wir sind alle Anfänger, Edgar
  20. Eddie
    Rooting my phone its driving me crazy
    1. atanere
      Welcome @Eddie! We aren't a phone site, but I can tell you... I've been there, done that. It was fun for awhile, but the tech is too fast moving for me, and I keep phones/tablets too long. Good luck to you!
      Feb 21, 2018