zfs. Recovery from drive clone gone wrong.


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Sep 14, 2023
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zfs. Recovery from drive clone gone wrong.
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I was looking for options to
clone/silver/mirror a ZFS dive
Mint 21.2 mate w/ ZFS & no encryption
Dell Latitude e6540
(& then expand the 480 SSD to 960)

1st thought was Clonezilla / UBCD & was a no-go.
Then the ZFS mirroring thought popped in.

This ZFS cloning topic has writeups from many w/ assumptions that gloss over details.

Every article assumed that you needed to install tools for ZFS commands.
Found an ubuntu writeup w/ simple, laid out details.

& when installing, I noticed libraries had been removed.
Took a screenshot...
Now booting into a dead end w/ a flashing
[Failed] Failed to start Bluetooth service.

LiveUSB I can see the drive in GParted,
(bpool & rpool)
but can't figure a way in.

I was making a laptop for a kiddo that got kidnapped out of my life,
when she was 1
that was just allowed to reach out. At 12.
She's not even sure if the main character in Lilo & Stitch turns good,
as they hog TV & funds for themselves.
So much for 11 yrs of child support across the US doing good.
I was a week in, of adding things in for her, which meant bumping the SSD up, so....

Thanks folks!

G'day TeslaCoiled, Welcome to Linux.org

I have zero knowledge when it comes to zfs......although I would say it is my firm belief to keep things simple where you can.

Any chance you can just fresh install Linux Mint Mate 21.2, straight onto the hard drive/ssd ?...let the installer make the partitions for you & etc

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