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Okay... I'm a recent college grad with just an Associates Degree. I'm coming into a tough job market wondering if I even have a chance at finding an IT job.

I have a vague idea of using my knowledge to create very refined tutorials for things like Linux or maybe even a little bit of BSD. I would look into putting out stuff through Kindle or Nook.

The world of self-startup is where I feel lost and unsure. I always think there is some form or license or tax or copyright law that will trip me up. In terms of this idea, I'm wondering if I should write to GNU? If I wanted to write about Ubuntu, would I need permission from Canonical?

Or can people take Open Source info and just run with it? Either to make new programs, distros, or even publish guides on them?



I think the issue is trademarks. For example, Canonical has sent very nasty emails to multiple websites that have "Ubuntu" anywhere on the site. Especially in the URL. Then again, they use GNU/Linux freely. Writing to GNU would be a very good idea probably.

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