Would you recommend Arch to a new user?

Some guy on Quora made a long long long long ass comment where he reviewed every major and popular distros and in the end made a statement saying that Arch is the only good distro for a new user. Do you agree with that? I can copy paste his comment if you want.


Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion I would say go with the system that works best for your interests and not what some guy says. I chose to learn this system simply because its different than windows. and I like getting into things that are completely modifiable.


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G'day @GardenData61371 :)

A link to the article would be better :p

Simple answer is - Nope!

That being said, if you can master Arch, you will likely have no problems elsewhere.

Manjaro is a better starting point for Arch-based activities, it is more OOTB (out of the box).

But I subscribe to Tobey's comment

go with the system that works best for your interests and not what some guy says.
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Arch for a new user ?



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@GardenData61371 I have copied and pasted part of the article you linked to....I have made my comments in RED text

I have run Linux mint since 17.1...a few years ago....I am currently on 18.3 I have no intention, or need, to change.

Next recommendation was Linux Mint. Well, first of all, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. The basic idea was, to follow more the community ideal, less the company drive of Ubuntu. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Now, here is the catch: first of all, in Mint every single GUI has to look the same and as close as possible to Windows. Why? If I want to leave Windows, why would I chose something that looks exactly like it. And is it really that hard to find the menu and clock in the top bar instead of the bottom one? There is a REASON why Linux uses different setups!

BS. Linux is quite different to Ubuntu, and not only because of the postion of the "panel" (taskbar in windows) if yiou really wish to you can locate the panel in Linux across the top of the window/screen...or on the side if you wish. No problem. Easy to do.

Next, did you ever try to setup a printer in Mint? Well, people not only seem to have trouble with that and fight for their lives to get something like this done. This is also a hint on the kind of support you would expect.
Printers are admittedly a bit of a problem....but may printer companies are getting their act together. The number of users using Linux now has increased, and the support is increasing with that trend

I have run an Epson printer on my PC since linux 17.1.....very little drama

And once again that is not all. Even Mike Stroud already mentioned, that Mint is not quite easy on RAM. Actually, in the most recent 19 hours of testing I tested 3 version of Mint. Which were Mate, XFCE and Mint Debian as well. All 3 SUCKED big time. For example, one of the 3 was BY FAR the slowest to boot. Which actually took impressive 6 minutes!!! That’s just ridiculous. A better one actually took “only” 4 minutes 19 seconds. Comparing distros, you actually see the same drag inside, while using it. Also, in my test it froze every single time while opening some application. Actually both, Mate and XFCE did.

What the hell ??!!...was he using 1 GB of ram ??....and was his install done properly ?....did he test the ISO file before installing ?

You would have to wonder. My install now has 40GB of crap to slow it down.....and it still boots in under 30 seconds....more often around 23 seconds.
The only time I have EVER experienced a freeze, has been from the DE (desktop environment) freezing (cinnamon)
The fix ?...pressing Alt + F2 , type r , and press Enter ,....thats it...back in business. Try getting that response in Windows.
I distrust anyone who uses language like ALL 3 SUCKED in what should be an objective look at an OS.

SO....be wary of what you read....it is probably more accurate for you to pay some attention to what people in places such as Linux.org say....what their experiences are with particular OS's. All that is left then is for you to gauge what that particular persons ability level is/was. I that persons sbility/skill level is quite high...then they may tell you that running arch or kali linux is a breeze...easy as pie. yeah right !
I have been with linux mint for around 4 years....the first twoyears in a dual arrangement with windows 10 in a virtual environment. (necessary to me for other forum work) Now I need only Linux....windows 10 is kaput...gone entirely!
I do not feel I am at a stage where I can handle Arch or Kali.....yet, wizardfromoz probably handles them with ease....that is because his ability/skill level is higher than mine.

My point ? Use the easiest, most comfortable distro to start with. probably Linux Mint. See how you progress......only YOU know how comfortable etc etc etc it is for you.
Then if you bored with it......need a greater challenge......download another distro.....possible dual boot Linux mint with the new distro....remember....they are FREE.

The desktops on Linux mint are fairly unexciting....but there literally a million pics you can use to brighten it up. OR...if you get quite adept, you can have a try at Conky....and experience the ultimate in WOW desktops. (learn the OS first....baby steps are good)

remember that every mistake that you can possibly make..... the people here have already made......especially in linux mint and the more well known distros.

Are you aware that you can 'burn' a linux distro to a usb stick and take it for a test run without installing ?......Not quite as quick as if it was fully installed but enough to give you a good idea and establish that it will work with your hardware and also if it will establish an internet connection easily ??

Enuff for now.

Edited to add : Linux is not windows.

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