Working OS?



I have tried several different linux systems on my old desktop but none of them want to seem to run. I tried ubuntu, Lubuntu, kubuntu and pinguy. Ubuntu loaded but didn't run all that great, pinguy just loaded up a blue screen with half loaded icons. With windows xp ending support next month I almost feel in a bind to find a working linux for my computer. Some of my system information is;
Celeron(r) cpu 2.53GHz, 2gb ram, 149gb hard drive

I had an old Gateway computer from the early 2000s that I used Crunchbang Linux on. If you're more of a beginner you can try Linux Lite which usually runs amazingly. If you want to try another Ubuntu based distro ElementaryOS I've heard is good, however, I've never used it; or Bodhi Linux which I have used and it should run on your computer if it ran on my Gateway. ;) If you really want a very minimalistic OS you can try Puppy Linux, one of my personal favorites.

Also, if you want go to and search for lightweight(old computer) distros on there :)

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