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Jan 24, 2018
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Hello, I just installed Solus-3, Kali, Ubuntu today. Yes I installed 3 Distro because i can't decide which one i should use. And so i want to know what are the alternatives of: WordPad/Microsoft Word, Visual Studio/Eclipse/Jcreator for Linux. I am studying JavaScript and Python so i need an apps similar to that said apps above especially the WordPad, i need it for my school assignments I hope you can help me, Thanks in advance!

~Sorry I'm not that good in English.
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Thanks for that. By the way, I am using the Solus-3 and I am trying to install the jdk so i can install the Eclipse but the command update-alternatives won't work, it says command not found. what should i do?
sudo apt-get install eclipse
I'm sorry, same result
sudo: apt-get: command not found
Good luck with your studies! I would suggest skipping Kali Linux, but most mainstream distos should work fine for you.

Hi @Horizon and welcome to :p

I use 65-70 Linux Distros on two computers, so I am not critical of your trying 3 at once.

However, the different "Families" in Linux use many of the same commands, and quite a few have different commands.

At Wikipedia here, they are explained a bit more - .

Kali is directly based on Debian, and Ubuntu is indirectly based on Debian. Linux Mint, in turn, is based on Ubuntu.

I hope you do not get confused too much trying 3 at once, but you can always ask here.


Chris Turner
Hello I'm done installing Eclipse PHP. Now I am trying to install Eclipse Java. I am here at my classmate's house, The Wired Connection is not working, it says "Wired Connecting". It's working at my house though. I want to try to connect wireless but theres no setting to search for network. Anyone can help me?
Is this with Solus, @Horizon ?

If so, I can't help you tonight, but I could try installing tomorrow, it might take me a little time to get familiar with eopkg and other differences.

I won't ask any personal questions of someone so young, and female, but can you tell me your timezone? Is it Philippines or somewhere else in Asia? I am from Australia, and have to get my evening meal ready.


I'm sorry for the late reply. Yes I am using Solus. I only saw guides for ubuntu and tried to applied them to my solus but it didn't work.

My timezone is Philippines.
My timezone is Philippines.

Good morning, @Horizon :)... I thought so, from the time of your writing and your avatar (picture). I am 2 hours ahead of you, that is, my time now is 8:09AM.

I am not having much luck. I downloaded and installed Solus MATE, and everything seemed to go OK, and it shows in my list when Grub is reconfigured, but then on reboot does not show in my Grub Menu to boot into.

I have other methods I can try, but before I do so, can you tell me your DE (Desktop Environment)? Solus comes in 3 DEs - Budgie, GNOME and MATE. Budgie, which Solus designed, is the most popular.

If you are not sure, then you can go to Terminal and type and enter


and tell us what it says.

I should say that when I used the Live option, with my USB stick, I had no trouble connecting to my wifi, but I will try the same version as you and see what we can find.


There is Oracle Java, and also OpenJDK.
On Solus, OpenJDK can be installed graphically from Software Center. Otherwise, to install it from a Terminal:
sudo eopkg install openjdk-8

If you prefer to install Oracle java instead of openjdk:
'Morning @nuna . nice to "see you" :)

At #12 there was some concern over wired vs wifi from last night when @Horizon was at her classmate's place, don't know if she is at home or elsewhere at the moment.

I have not yet made the acquaintance of eopkg until Stan mentioned it. I am elsewhere about to help Gomad reformat his hdd and install LM. if you have a working knowledge of Solus, can I leave our young friend in your capable hands?


@Horizon , hi and regrets for the delay.

I have been putting together a thread Topic) on Solus, with my problems with installing it.

It is found here -

I also hope it draws attention so someone other than I can help you here, which I cannot, at the moment.

I wonder, though, have you tried any of the above applications yet on your other two Distros, that is, Ubuntu, and Kali, and if so, with what results.

Sorry I cannot be of more help for now, but if I get Solus installed, I will try to help further.

Cheers and good luck