Windows 2000 SP4



I am completely new to Linux. I want to add a version for dual booting on my old Dell PC that has these specs: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, 1.6 Intel Pentium 4, FAT 32, and 512 memory. Which version, probably "light" do you recommend?
Thanks, Raleigh

I would recommend Zorin OS Lite. The lite version is for older computers and the default desktop is almost identical to Windows 2000. If I remember right, the Lite version also comes with a Mac OS X desktop and a Xfce desktop in addition to the Win 2000 one. It comes with enough software for you to do normal things, like surf the web, create and open office documents, listen to your MP3s, burn disks, and much more. And, it uses the Ubuntu repository, so you have access to tens of thousands of free apps that you can down load.

If Zorin will not run on your computer, give Puppy Linux a try. It does not install in the traditional sense. You boot the computer with the disk and changes are stored in a small file on the original partition.

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