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which Linux operating system best for webServer?

Discussion in 'Web Server' started by malikmumtaz, May 30, 2012.

  1. malikmumtaz

    malikmumtaz Guest

    Hi All,

    my name is Mumtaz and i from Abu Dhabi, UAE

    which Linux operating system best for web Server? Centos are Redhat .

    i don't have any experience in Linux. i have use Windows+IIS 7 for run joomla and phpfox website but there is so much issue in windows, so i want to run in Linux i don't know what i chose Redhat and Centos. and what is difference between centos and redhat enterprise i checked so much website but still i don't understand.

    i have to run 5 website only on Server. please advice my for best choice thanks.
  2. dale

    dale Guest

    Welcome Mumtaz.

    CentOS is great. Don't know if it's the best though. :)

    The difference between CentOS and Red Hat is support. CentOS does not have RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) support. Instead the support is community-based.

    So if you need help when using CentOS, you must rely on yourself or the CentOS community.

    For practical purposes you will not notice much difference between the two distributions.
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  3. Bill

    Bill Guest

    What dale says is true. It all depends on whether you want to pay for support or not. From what I understand, Red Hat has great support, while with CentOS, you are left to look up your problems on your own.
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  4. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Yep - CentOS you'd ask here (or other websites) for support.. With Red Hat, you'll pay a subscription for security/reliability updates as well as for support.
  5. malikmumtaz

    malikmumtaz Guest

    its mean centos is best choice, i will start work on centos.
    thanks all.
  6. diegosuse

    diegosuse Guest

    Opensuse fly on the way. Hope helps
  7. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    You can also use Debian. The advantage of using Debian is that you can also use it on your own pc. That way you will become more familiar with the way Debian works.
  8. centos_fan

    centos_fan Guest

    Because windows sucks...
    CentOs is something like a twin sister of RHEL. CentOs is enough for personal use.
  9. weldroid

    weldroid Guest

    for webserver, centos is better.
    with many supported webserver service
    but you can consider cloud linux
  10. KMyers

    KMyers Guest

    Most Web Hosting companies tend to use CentOS (especially true if they use cPanel as the control panel). Personally I feel Ubuntu or Debian work well for most things and can be a bit easier to manage.

    I personally run both CentOS (on my production webserver) and Ubuntu 14.04 on by backend webservers that are used to house my personal projects.
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  11. Jotham

    Jotham Guest

    Thank you KMyers for that great insight. I am looking to start a web hosting company in Kenya and was confused on whether to go for Debian or CentOS. I like debian based linux OS's coz thats what i have more experience on but on a production server, with some research i have decided to choose CentOS. I even found out it has its own web control panel centos-webpanel which i think is a great option that I might take advantage of.

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