Where to start...complete newbie to linux server



i am a complete newbie to linux server and want to dedicate at least a month to learn it properly. please, where do i start? can someone outline the steps from infancy to maturity that one has to take to be able to tweak a linux server to maximum ability, in any situation or weather?

That depends on what you are wanting to learn how to do with a linux server.

Are you wanting to learn how to configure www services?
Are you wanting to learn how to configure FTP/SFTP?
Are you looking to setup an NFS server to have common files shared?

There are many more things that can be listed, but you get the point. You can do many many things with a linux server. Where are you wanting to start?
I want to learn how to configure and set up all the server services, starting from the basics too the advanced. I would like someone to outline what path to follow, especially if you have a plan of being a server administrator and doing hosting services for clients whether on their intranets or on the cloud in the future. thanks.
What you are asking for is a LOT of work for someone to go through to provide you with information that is freely available and easily accessible. Becoming a proficient administrator takes years of learning and a good head for problem solving. A list of what to do next wont help you. I suggest you pick one aspect of server administration, for instance learn how to configure you network setup completely from the command line to start with.

Rather than asking for a 'howto guide' on being an administrator, just start with networking, or apache, or whatever server you feel you want to play around with. When you have a specific question about a specific problem, that is the best time to ask for help.
now, i got it cronugs. i'll start with networking and then apache web server. I believe i can learn fast though. as i learn, i'll have to ask as i go, rather than chew the whole lump in one go. have a nice day.

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