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What's the best distro for my netbook?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by Smokey, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Smokey

    Smokey Guest

    What is the best linux distro to slap on my HP Mini 110-3030NR netbook? I'm looking to wipe Windows 7 Starter from it since it's just too slow and laggy. What would be the best distro to use in it's place? I feel Ubuntu now is a bit too heavy for it. So i'm looking for something light....really light that'll make my 1GB 1.66ghz atom processor netbook run really snappy.

  2. Jesi

    Jesi Guest

    I would use XFCE/Xubuntu or Lubuntu- something like that.

    If you wont be needed to retain OS settings I would even suggest running Puppy or DSLinux, loading into RAM. You can still use your HD fore media and secondary program storage.

    If that's going to far, use an older version of Ubuntu, Mint or Debian that still uses GNOME2.
  3. dbp

    dbp Guest

    Ubuntu runs perfect on my acer aspire one with an atom processor even when it had 1gb of ram. Why do you assume it would have trouble with it? Not like you're going to have videos open in a browser window, be burning dvds in another window, and editing 5 10 megapixel photos in another window at the same time on your little netbook.

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  4. grim76

    grim76 Guest

    I have been running the xfce version of Fedora with no issues on my netbook.
  5. Smokey

    Smokey Guest

    I think i'll give Xubuntu a try and see how it works. If not maybe try the XFCE versions of Mint and/or Fedora before slapping Puppy Linux on it and forgetting about it :p
  6. Jamsers

    Jamsers Guest

    I've got an Aspire 522 with a 1 Ghz processor and 1 Gb of memory, and Ubuntu 10.04 runs perfectly fine on it. You might prefer Ubuntu over the other distributions because there tends to be better support for it, and it mostly "just works", but that's up to you. If that's a bit too old for your taste you could try Ubuntu 10.10. Anything beyond that is quite slow on my netbook, I assume because of Unity.

    Sorry, but I'm not really familiar with other distributions. You could try Fedora but getting hardware to work there will take a bit more effort because of their policy of free software only, and a lot of netbooks need proprietary drivers to run correctly.
  7. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Throw a couple on there.. or you could try 3-4 and go back to the one that runs the best on it..
  8. Oracio

    Oracio Guest


    Hello, I've tried several distros (Jolicloud, Xubuntu, EasyPeasy, Linuxmint) and nothing works better than Lubuntu, LXDE is best. I have a netbook 1gb packard bell. Try it. It is very fast and uses Chrome.
  9. kreso93

    kreso93 Guest

    What's the difference between Xubuntu and Ubuntu?
  10. Flutura

    Flutura Guest

    Ubuntu is one of the easier distros to use, but Puppy Linux is great, especially for a netbook. If it can run Windows 7, it can probably run Ubuntu really well. There isn't going to be much of a difference between Xubuntu and Ubuntu on new hardware. Xubuntu just uses a different UI.
  11. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    I use Puppy Linux. It works fine on my old laptop especially with the drivers for internet connection.
  12. Anon-sama

    Anon-sama Guest

    Linux Mint runs great on netbooks. It's just a bit similar with Ubuntu but there's a bleeding edge version of it which is Linux Mint Debian if you're into keeping updated
  13. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    I think the best and fully functional would be Linux Mint, you can also give Fedora 15 a try both of them are equally good. Ubuntu has this new interface which i'm not so pleased with but the older versions of it maybe 10.x were best.
  14. paolochicha

    paolochicha Guest

    In my opinion either Ubuntu or Fedora would work quite work, I would prefer to use Ubuntu as it is more widely supported, therefore there's more help available for it, though Fedora has a better overall design of the main GUI, if you choose to install a GUI, of course. It just depends what your aims are with the netbook exactly, is it for person/business or other use?
  15. Ubuntu netbook edition is great for your netbook. You can also install the normal version on your pc. However if you're a programmer of open-source software freak, try out fedora on your pc (netbook's screen is too small).
  16. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    To quote you right from the beginning :) I have Fedora on my Toshiba, it works perfectly, smooth and has some great compatibility with the Tosh specs.
  17. dpic

    dpic Guest

    fedora would be great for usability but it probably isnt lightweight enough
  18. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    If you really want to get the full power, Gentoo. Its not pretty to set up (at least for desktops) but you get complete control over everything.

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