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What's eating processor cycles?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by miks, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. miks

    miks Guest

    I have a thinkpad SL410, and run ubuntu 10.04 (have since it first came out), and with the latest maintainence update, my fan is always on. Even sitting idle with my router turned off, I check System Monitor, and something keeps pegging the processors at 15-20% usage. I look under Processes in System Monitor, and all is idle according to it.
    Does anyone know how I can find the culprit? I run a live version from a write-protected thumb drive, have for a long time and never had any issues until recently, if that matters at all.

  2. Go into FF and uncheck hardware acceleration (Options -> Advanced -> "Use Hardware Acceleration When Available". It's intended to offload to the GPU. If the GPU drivers are not fully supported or optimized it will use CPU cycles instead.

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