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what link to use, folder to folder?


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Oct 7, 2020
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in short, running some game servers and manually moving updates for mods and what not is getting really boring and annoying, what link do i use to pretty much clone folder X with folder Y
I'm probably explaining what I'm wanting to do badly

If my understandings are correct the best tool is 'rsync'
it can do a one way or two way synchronisation between /folders/subfolders/files - also can do the -u (update only) for repeated scripted updates.

not sure which distro you are using but use your package manager (apt for debian and yum/dnf for redhat) to install 'rsync'
One command i found worked was;

rsync -avh --dry-run --delete /path/to/new/ /path/to/old/

Obviously delete "--dry-run" if it looks like everything is copying okay.
basically you want to copy or backup a directory and preferably only transfer new stuff . I have a Codeigniter4 dev project in Apache and want to keep backups (just in case) . I've tried git clone that was ok but rsync is a great tool .Actually i generally use the gui on Slackware Grsync ( well i'm a slacker)

but on a command as root this works only updating new and chnaged:

rsync -h -v -r -P -t /var/www/htdocs/appstarter    /run/media/andrew/extra/Web/
I use rsync as a backup solution for the very reasons that others are using for all kinds of data movements. It's very configurable, efficient, and effective.

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