What is your favorite web host manager control panel?


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Aug 22, 2018
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Just curious on the community's take on web host manager control panels. Not specifically end-user, more for sub-commercial purposes or running hosting customer platforms and virtual servers. Or, maybe you just like command line use! Tell me about it all, and why you love it! Open source is always fun, too.

I have always been happy with cpanel. It's intuitive, and easy to figure out if you don't have much experience.
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Well, for me, I am using a desktop-based control panel named VPSrobots to host my site on a Vultr server by myself, though I do not know much about coding.
The best things about the panel are the much more affordable price than cPanel and Plesk, the selected features I really need for my server and website management, for example, website backup, restoration, migration between different servers(like Linode and Vultr), and it's nature of being a client app, which is quite important for a VPS especially a small-sized one like mine, as VPSrobots does not consume resources on my server.
Probably I would move to cPanel or Plesk again someday for more features due to the continuous expansion of my site, but until then, I do not find a better way to go but to stick with VPSrobot primarily for cost reasons.
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I used to stick with cPanel, but the price is getting higher, so I switched to Fastpanel (http://fastpanel.direct)
Mostly because it is free :D
But all the features I need are there, it is easy to use and the support was helpful
Control panels are for sinners!:rolleyes::eek:
@OP -- it's definitely NOT Plex! I have only used cpanel, otherwise, so cannot say.