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VPN Not Working


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I have 2 VPN (Opera Built-in and Google cloud openvpn). I succesfully connected to my VPN, IP and traceroute adress changed but still i can't enter banned web pages.

I tried reinstall Mint 2 times, and yes, problem solved, but after 5-10min, Mint install something in background and this problem starts again.

Actually VPN working but i don't understand...

Can someone help me?

edit: i install Elementary yesterday, same problem.

Mint won't install anything in the background. You have to open Synaptic or some other package manager and tell it what to download. So I'd have to say that the issue most likely lies in your VPN software. I'm not familiar with either Opera or Google (yes I know of Google, but not thier VPN stuff). The first thing I have to ask is why do you have banned sites? Is it due to the country you live in? Is it possible that Google is cooperating with your country and blocking the same banned sites? Google cooperates with the US gov and hands over browsing and location info here in the US, so I wouldn't trust them with anything personally. If you use Opera and Google on other computers do you have the same issue?

I just want use 4chan, Imgur, Wikipedia, Liveleak etc. Yes, this websites banned in Turkey.

I said 'Mint install something in background' because after reinstall, i just wait 5-10min, i heard my HDD sound, and this problem starts again.

Also, Opera built-in and Google VPN working good n Windows.
Hello @matrixlord and welcome to linux.org :)

There are alternative image hosting sites besides Imgur (Photobucket &c) have you tried any of them?

If the result is the same, then you would likely have to talk with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as to any alternatives.

If the sites mentioned are being blocked by them under orders from your government, unfortunately this website cannot provide advice on how to circumvent laws in place by a sovereign nation.

Is that so, @Rob ?

Regrets, and good luck.

Chris TUrner

Yes, i can use alternative image web sites but, 4chan, Liveleak etc.? As a result, that's Linux bug. This bug needs to be fixed right?
No one have this problem?

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