1. cyberkiller

    Distributed computing with Linux

    Hey guys, Im new in this forum, generally Im beginner on distributed computing. The main purpose is to share experiences accordingly to the post thread title. Has anyone tryed his own online server? I mean what type of server, which service, which Linux? Experiences about distributed systems...
  2. M

    VPN Not Working

    Hi, I have 2 VPN (Opera Built-in and Google cloud openvpn). I succesfully connected to my VPN, IP and traceroute adress changed but still i can't enter banned web pages. I tried reinstall Mint 2 times, and yes, problem solved, but after 5-10min, Mint install something in background and this...
  3. D

    Security and VPN's

    I'm a new convert to Linux and very much like the usability. My main concern when switching over was security as I handle some sensitive information on my computer, and maybe have an all to healthy sense of paranoia. This is partly my reason for switching over. I have an account with CactusVPN...
  4. P

    Where do i need to open port when using VPN? (torrent passive seeder)

    Hello, the torrent tracker i am part of says i am Passive kind of seeder and not Active and thus i can only connect Active peers not Passive. I read that it mean i need to open port. But i am not sure where i need to open it so i seek Your advise and possibly explanation why? Thank you This is...