1. vs2-free-users

    Quick guide Debian Setting up wireguard on a server (wireguard-go)

    Quick guide Debian Setting up wireguard on a server (wireguard-go) Preface Since you cannot currently use the standard wireguard on the vs2-free (not active in the kernel), I have taken a look at how you can still use wireguard. In my instructions I have used 2 vs2-free hosts. Of course you...
  2. W

    How do I create a VPN Gateway on my local network for other devices to use?

    Hi there, I am running the latest Debian and am a novice user, but here is what I am trying to accomplish: - Debian installation running on connected to NordVPN account (done) - Point other devices, especially 'dumb' ones with no VPN clients but accept manual IP configuration, to...
  3. S

    OpenVPN route client traffic to server

    Good day, I have my home server (on which I test my systems) freshly set up with Debian 11 today, and would like others to be able to connect to it. Of course I don't want my IPv4 to be shared, so I thought of the following solution: buy a cheap vServer and forward all requests to it...
  4. K

    Perform Double VPN (multi-hop VPN)

    Hello everyone, I had new challenge with routing traffic through two VPN servers as shown in fig. 1. Figure 1 Here is some real information about this scenario: VPS2: - I call it L2 - Located in France - Runs Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS - Has eth0 as default interface connected to Internet -...
  5. S

    PPTP client works under Windows and doesn't work under Linux - what's wrong with it?

    I'm trying to use PPTP on my Slackware machine, the corresponding instruction was taken from - https://vexxhost.com/resources/tutorials/how-to-setup-your-own-vpn-with-pptp-on-linux-centos-ubuntu-debian/ Here's /etc/peers/khan002 pty "pptp VPN.VPN.VPN.VPN --nolaunchpppd" name a password a...
  6. MatsuShimizu

    Former Malware Distributor Now Owns ExpressVPN - Restore Privacy

    https://restoreprivacy.com/kape-technologies-owns-expressvpn-cyberghost-pia-zenmate-vpn-review-sites/ Summary from the link above: Before 2018, Kape Technologies was called Crossrider and it was an infimous player in the malware industry. You can still find numerous articles about Crossrider’s...
  7. happy.blackcat

    Connecting to a VPN breaks the internet?

    It seems that when this happens a restart of some sort of network service is restarted which resets the DNS server used in resolv.conf This is honestly it's own issue that probably is a simple fix, and while help would be greatly appreciated with that issue, that's not really the reason this...
  8. H

    Router Netgear R7800, openfortivpn & iptables, how do i share VPN connection on my LAN

    Hello. I hope here i can find some pointers or a solution. From home i have to connect to work via VPN, i have Fortinet VPN. In present time i connect from my laptop , win 10 with Forticlient. From the router i can connect to my VPN at work , and connect to my server on telnet, but how can i...
  9. C

    Lan not tunneling through OpenVPN

    Hello, my effort to to route my LAN traffic via the OpenVPN tunnel is failing, although curl ifconfig.me from the OpenVPN device shows OpenVPN device is tunneling. However the LAN Traffic is not being forwarded to the Internet VPN Gateway. Please review my routing table below for a fix...
  10. E

    I cant ping vpn server and ssh to VPN server but nothing else. iptables dont allow me to ping or reach anything else, Please help

    I believe it is my iptables firewall. Can anyone please help me with the iptables rules. I am very new to linux. My internal ip is and my VPN NAT I am not using Softether Secure Nat because I want to be able to assinged static IPs pase on MAC. MY VPN server is using...
  11. N

    Best Distro for All-in-One Raspberry Pi Server

    Hello all, I'm interested in making a Raspberry Pi 4 into an all in one server and I'd like suggestions on which distros and software you think would be best. What I mean by ALL IN ONE: a) DNS - piHole for ad blocking and privacy. b) DHCP - for manually managing 10-20 devices connected also for...
  12. A

    Can't connect to pptp vpn

    I want to connect to a pptp vpn connection. I have tried to disable ipv6 and disable firewall. Also I have checked the ip of the vpn and my credentials. I have attached the output of the ip route table and the /var/log/syslog file. Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is the only...
  13. N

    how to start recovery mode for Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS when connecting through SSH?

    I have a virtual machine running Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS and I need to modify some settings using the recovery Mode. I have to connect through a VPN using SSH (Putty), so I'm not sure what the sequence would be to do this, as I think if I restart it, I'll loose the connection in Putty, right?
  14. C

    Host a VPN without using OpenVPN

    Hey guys We are trying to host a VPN on a Ubuntu based server. The issue is though, we want to use it without 3rd party applications on the client computers. Is this possible?
  15. R

    Trouble combining Mullvad VPN and Tor Browser

    Hello everybody! I recently installed Debian 10 (non free) and I'm trying to connect Firefox to Mullvad vid Tor, with Mullvad as the exit node using. I'm using Mullvad's guide: https://mullvad.net/sv/help/tor-and-mullvad-vpn/ I followed each step, but when I run Tor Browser, openvpn, Mullvad...
  16. cyberkiller

    Distributed computing with Linux

    Hey guys, Im new in this forum, generally Im beginner on distributed computing. The main purpose is to share experiences accordingly to the post thread title. Has anyone tryed his own online server? I mean what type of server, which service, which Linux? Experiences about distributed systems...
  17. D

    VPN Not Working

    Hi, I have 2 VPN (Opera Built-in and Google cloud openvpn). I succesfully connected to my VPN, IP and traceroute adress changed but still i can't enter banned web pages. I tried reinstall Mint 2 times, and yes, problem solved, but after 5-10min, Mint install something in background and this...
  18. D

    Security and VPN's

    I'm a new convert to Linux and very much like the usability. My main concern when switching over was security as I handle some sensitive information on my computer, and maybe have an all to healthy sense of paranoia. This is partly my reason for switching over. I have an account with CactusVPN...
  19. P

    Where do i need to open port when using VPN? (torrent passive seeder)

    Hello, the torrent tracker i am part of says i am Passive kind of seeder and not Active and thus i can only connect Active peers not Passive. I read that it mean i need to open port. But i am not sure where i need to open it so i seek Your advise and possibly explanation why? Thank you This is...