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Jan 2, 2024
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i'am newbie Linux Mint 21.3. I didn´t find info about a beginner problem.

I wanted to use my USB device(s) in VB, but in overview, i cannot see any connected USB device. (I want to connect my scanner in WIN guest)

So i thought, i start to see my USB devices under Linux, because i think, Linux must see the devices so that VB can also see it.

So in Linux Mint is no USB overview. I loaded Usbview from the application management. If i start the program, a message appears.


Does anyone know, how to come to target?

Thank you,

IN your VM, check the USB protocols and settings, I know you need to do this for USB Wi-Fi, so I assume it may be the same with the printer.
Do you have VirtualBox Guest Additions installed?
..and the VirtualBox ExtensionPack? ( many distro don't have this in their repo's )

I don't recall the steps offhand, but after guest editions are installed, you still need to enable a usb controller in the settings for the virtual machine in question.
As the Host is Linux...with Guest Additions and ExtensionPack installed you need to add yourself to the vbox user group.

With your Virtual Machine a Terminal (on Host) and type...
sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers bob

Note G is upper case and insert your username...mine is bob.
Hit Enter...Enter your password...when done close Guest and Restart your computer. Now Flash Drives will work.

I have a win 7 install a Printer/Scanner you must download and install the drivers.

A lot of infos. Where can i find the USB protocols?
Linux Mint is installed the 6.1.50 Ubuntu version.

The Adapter is active

Guest Additions is Extension Pack, or?
I did change the user like above.

Nothing changed. I also reinstall Extension Pack in Guest (Win 10).

But first of all, i must see the devices in Linux, or? Or does linux grinds through USB devices to VB?


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As this is your first time using Virtualbox...let me explain...Guest Additions allows you to run in full screen mode...Extension Pack allows you to use Flash Drives in your VM.

I'm a little confused as to what is the Host...I assume it's Mint Cinnamon 21.3 and the Guest is windoze 10 ?
Once your VM is installed...from the Vm's Desktop place your mouse at the bottom of the screen...a window will pop up.

You'll see...File...Machine...View...Input...Devices. Click on Devices...USB...Settings...with your Flash Drive plugged the little Flash Drive with the green + on it and select your Flash'll now see your Flash Drive as seen below.

When you plug in your Flash Drive in to your VM it will now work.
I assume it's Mint Cinnamon 21.3 and the Guest is windoze 10 ?

Yes. I'am new in Linux. My window in VB with the USB-Devices are empty despite the fact that i plugged in a few of USB devices. My harddiscs are shown in Linux and i can work with it.
My scanner which is also connected via USB is not recognize from Linux.
This task is resolved. Thank you. Without your hints, i didn´t find it out. Don´t know, why VB doesn´t show USB-Connectors in the properties of guest configuration, but when i startet the VM and check the VB menu.... Yeah, there are the devices and i can explicit activate one. Great!
Glad it worked for you.

In my post'll notice I have USB 2 controller set but you can still plug in USB 3 Flash Drives and they also work...

Here is my USB 3 Ventoy Flash Drive showing in my win 7 VM.

You can also create a Shared Folder between your Host and Guest...If I want to transfer something from Mint to my win 7 VM or back...I use my Shared Folder.
This is it on my VM...

Here's a video showing how to do this...
There are other things you can also do but I'll let you learn these for now...good luck.