USB icon on desktop

Let us know your method, Bob. It may be tweakable.


I don't have internal storage Drives anymore and I don't partition Drives either...haven't done that since 2011.

Now I know what the OP is trying to do...I'll say its can you have an icon or shortcut to a Drive that's not can't.

I pulled out my old Western Digital 1TB HDD made in 2011 and has two partitions...connected it to the Motherboard and Re-Booted my did not mount...went to Computer and there were the two partitions...

Double clicked both and both appeared on the Desktop.

Go to Disks you can see both...note this is a windoze Drive from 2011 but works perfectly in Linux Mint.


Remove the HDD from the Computer and you see this...

Icons are gone...the same applies to External HDD/SSDs...Flash Drives etc...hope this helps.

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