Ubuntu - Not Having the Best Time... (Media Linux PC)


Oct 18, 2022
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Hello! Having multiple issues:
Hardware: HP HP 290 G1 SFF Business PC with certified AMD R7 430 2GB GPU (modded upgraded Noctua fan)
Software: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
Context: Media PC to a TV at UHD 60hz to be used my family, so setting up to be simple. Boot PC -> Open Jellyfin, NewPipe or Spotify.
  1. The Wifi drivers fail to load maybe 20% of the time
  2. Remote Access settings default to off every restart
  3. Remote Access admin password resets every restart
  4. Settings sometimes fail to load, requiring --reinstall gnome-control-center etc
  5. Stutter during HD media playback in VLC and Videos App with H.264. But doesn't occur in Jellyfin media player playing direct.
  6. Generally quite poor performance with web browsing, app store and menu interactions
Reasoning behind Ubuntu is because I had issues with other OS's with drivers and running 60hz. Lubuntu, Pop, etc. I spent hours on forums trying various options. I just need something that works.
Thanks everyone! :)

(PS posted this on the Ubunut Reddit only to get downvoted and no replies)

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