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To many decisions.


Mario Caveda

why don't you try Ubuntu with LXDE or Xfce as desktop environment? this is very easy to use. later you may tr KDE as a desktop environment.



Truthfully as unfortunate as it sounds I do agree with flunwyc I think you may be better off sticking with Windows if ease of use and simplicity of options is your primary concern.

Linux is a faster, more responsive, secure OS with proper knowledge and a little tinkering, but for pure simplicity and ease of commercial use unfortunately I don't think it will fit your needs like a Windows system. If you have a child that plays games it will pose a problem as the best option for Windows-based games is to run through a VM, which is generally slower than on a native OS. Open-source programs are compatible with .doc formats but even those save by default as .odt and offer a lot more format-saving options than you'll probably ever need.

I am interested though as to why you are sick of Windows if all you really want is a computer that runs like Windows? No offense, but I never really understand people that want to switch from Windows to a different OS that looks and behaves exactly like Windows. This is the reason I agree with flunwyc and the reason I love Linux. It doesn't behave like Windows. Even Ubuntu can at some point require tinkering at the command-line, if an update conflicts with something. Linux is made to be customizable and tailored to individual users, but not plug-and-play (contrary to the way most distros tailor themselves these days unfortunately).

If you are dead set on ditching Windows I would recommend either Ubuntu or Mint as these are compatible with a vast majority of hardware out of the box and include software to handle most of your everyday use. I would also HIGHLY recommend doing a bit of research on Linux and how it differs from Windows.
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