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The most important thing on your computer is your personal data, keep it backed up regularly, to external media, the O/S can easily be re installed.... :)
Agreed. I do keep important files on an external drive. Timeshift is, I think, more about convenience. I took the same perspective when using Windows and various commercial backup solutions.

I assume you will see this.
I'm staying put.Jumping around to different threads is confusing. If I click the notification I'm taken to a new tab and I'm logged out. I need to disable push notifications.
Can you tell me how to turn off "Push notifications"?
I have to refresh the page to see the notification in my browser. It's getting annoying!
Thanks, Gabe :)

@Sherri is a Cat

Click Finish and take a snapshot and post it here of where Timeshift shows next.
I can only type so fast. I'm 5,000 years old.
The push notifications are getting confusing. When I get a push notification I have to refresh the browser all together. I'm going to close my browser and log back on. I don't know any other way to turn it off. I'll be right back.
On Timeshift, have you clicked Finish near bottom right and what is the outcome?
@Sherri is a Cat to disable push notifications go in "your account" --> preferences --> scroll down a little bit:
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I think I was getting a push notification when you posted this. Not sure how to explain what was going on, but the push notifications didn't match what going on in the browser
On Timeshift, have you clicked Finish near bottom right and what is the outcome?
No, the push notifications were distracting. I wasn't sure where to look for instructions. All I did was open Timeshift. Condobloke said something about which type of file or something or other. I decided to park my butt in one place and stay put.
You should get a screen that resembles the below, but without all but one of the entries I have, and with no comments.

In 45 minutes I have to take a 2 hour road trip, maybe you want to sort out your Push notifications while I am away.

While you're away, that's what I'm talking about! I closed my browser and logged back on to turn it off. It's not a problem anymore!

Clicking next now
Hold the distractions for now, please Brian - Chris

which browser?

When a notification comes in, you can either click on the "sherri the cat received new message....and it iwll open your email client with that message fron and centre......and/Or

you can just return to the page in question and click on Refresh icon

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