Timeshift -- how to delete folder?


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Hey Rocky, long time no see - hope the grandkids are good and that New Mexico weather is kind. :)

Another of our staff swung through and just clipped off your repeat of my Post, as it added nothing, I suppose.

I have some serious updating to do on the Timeshift Thread, but ask away, there, if you need anything.



Rocky Bennett

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Sounds great Chris. Of course as I age I amenjoying the Grandkids even more. I am just working with a very old laptop that is running Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 and I figuring out the timeshift configuration.

As I work with this machine more I will definately be coming back to this thread for some information and advice.

It sure is good to hear from you again Chris. It is summer here, but how is your Winter.



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TimeShift claims that you can even roll back to a different, previously installed distro.
I tried to roll back from Manjaro to Ubuntu. It failed due to lack of disk space. But Ubuntu had plenty of space. I guess it failed to delete Manjaro properly?

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