Thinkpad backlight with Linux mint 21.2


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Jan 29, 2019
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Hi all,
I've just bought a Lenovo T470 Thinkpad which arrived at my request without an operating system so I could install Linux mint. Looking online on Lenovo's website it says if there is a light on either the ESC key or space bar this means the laptop has a backlit keyboard, it goes on to say it can be turned on by clicking the fn key with the space bar, unfortunately this does not work for me & I can find no way to get it on, so my question is does Linux support this feature & if so is there something more I need to do to enable it.

This works on some distro's FN +page up
On my thinkpad it is the Fn + spacebar keys turns on the keybord lights. Mine is a T450 though. Hope it helps.
Thanks for those replies but unfortunately I've tried both those options and nothing. I would be tempted to say this model doesn't have backlights but f it were not for the fact that there is a light on the escape key which Lenovo say indicates it does.
Sorry it did not work - that is the combination that the Lenovo help sight shows. So not sure what else to try. You may want to look in the bios and see if there is a setting there.
Thank you everyone, I'll have to ask the company I bought it from but they've probably never heard of Linux;)

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