The old crusty trusty Dell Optiplex

What kind of temps are you seeing with existing heat sink.

How does the existing heat sink feel to the touch warm or hot.

What kind of temps are you seeing with existing heat sink.

How does the existing heat sink feel to the touch warm or hot
Before we were at 68° C now it hangs out under 40°c

I saw it get up to 45°c playing GTA 5 Online
Wow that is a big heat sink.
45c ain't bad running games.

I used to under-volt processors to lower the temps when I was overclocking that was many years ago.

I'm sure overclocking nowadays is a lot different then the seat of the pants way I did it back in the old days.
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I wouldn't know about over clocking I have an i5 4690k cpu .
I stay away from over clock after the raspberry pi trial and errors.

here's the link to this massive cooler its 120mm lol.
I'm in the process of modifying the cover panel so I can keep it enclosed the rectangle glow thing will sit flush with the panel after I'm done.
I've never had to modify a case cover for a heat sink to fit hope it's not a PITA to modify.
I have marked the area I need to cut and I have a few shop tools to work with it should only take a few minutes. Just finding the time when I'm not at work or its not late at night.
Its bigger than the GPU and that glowing rectangle is the issue so I plan to cut out a hole for it so it sits flush with the case door
That's a bummer.

Looks to be more than I'd want to attempt.

I've seen a lot of case fit issues with big old heat sinks being used in oem cases.
Looks good how did you cut the opening.
I used a 3 inch cutting wheel and some vacuum hose I had laying around. Just put the hose in my vice and and ran a razor through it to make the boarder.
Update on the PC Modding got M.2 NVME + M.2 sata ssd PCIe x4 adapter. Boot on the M.2 ssd because the hardware had issues with the NVME so its used as a storage drive witch works out great.
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Same system same day even got rid of all the bloatware i could on windows before testing.

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