The fantastical AskTux bot!

Nov 22, 2022
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We all know him, I'm sure we've all asked him at least something.
TuxBot is a wonderful add-on to the Linux Forums in my opinion, he's helped many and many more to come. He's answered countless questions for people of all skill sets and levels.
But naturally, I have a few curious questions.
If Tuxbot is run on a chatGPT program which I'm sure he is, would he be good with social interactions (e.g.; social situations, communication conundrums, and general conversation), or is he strictly a programming bot?
Is the Tuvbot prone to error? I'm aware most every bot has its flaws and can give out misinformation but how often does this happen with Tuxbot? does it happen at all?
Lastly, where did the Mello surfer speech originate? he has a unique way of talking and I appreciate that. but does this type of speech have an origin?

What I have found with tuxbot, is that he is good at answering well set out questions with a straightforward answer, what he can't do is think laterally. So if a beginner asks the usual, why can't I install Kali/Ubuntu/Linux, he will roll off into , terminal commands [to people who have no idea] to find an answer. Whereas most of us will start with, if you're using windows, have you disabled quick start and secure boot?
Is this in General Server for a reason?

TuxBot is a cool tool or toy, but it has limitations. One of the biggest limitations seems to be that it cannot learn from our interactions with it. It can't "remember" our interactions to allow updated knowledge to be acquired. So I guess the only way for it to improve is to receive regular updates from its creators. I just created this thread with TuxBot as an example.

TuxBot can help with coding questions too, but users should be very careful before using any code it provides. To be clear, users should be very careful before using code provided by us humans too! If TuxBot could learn from us, I guess it would learn some things that are wrong too, and it might accept them as fact.

@Bodaciously_Moronic, please consider not specifying your text colors in the text editor window to post your normal comments. You picked black text in your post above, and that is really hard to read for people using "dark mode". If you don't specify a color, the forum would show white text to people in dark mode, and it will show black text to those using light mode. Thanks!

The surfer dude lingo gets a little old to me, but you can change it. When you ask TuxBot your next question, tell it to "reply in the style of a pirate" and see the difference. Try "grumpy old man" style too, it's hilarious. :D
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