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Terminal / Nautilus error


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Dec 3, 2018
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So I tried to create and run/open a script in Terminal, which screwed up my system. Terminal is stuck without a command prompt, as if a process is still running, even following multiple reboots. I checked all running processes, but could not figure out what it could be. Nautilus is also not working right any longer. The script I tried to run is below. Can anyone please help me? What may I do to kill the hung process (assuming it is) or reset Terminal and Nautilus? - Thanks


gnome-terminal -e $1
cd ~/ipvanish
./ipvanish-vpn-linux start
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You should be able to hit ctrl-c to kill whatever is currently running in the terminal.

If that doesn't work, open another terminal and run something like "killall -9 ipvanish-vpn-linux" to kill all instances of that script.
...and always use a virtual machine to run anything bfr run it on your main machine ;)

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