Teminal mode and disk partition question


Vivi Gonzalez

1) If you delete a file while in terminal mode, how do you recover it?

2)How many disk partitions can you have in Linux?



1) Do not know.
2) That depends on which type of partition. A hard-drive is limited to four primary partitions. I believe some new drives can have more, but four is the limit with most. A primary partition can contain several logical partitions. An operating system will have one primary partition, which can contain a few or many logical partitions. For example: root and home; or root, home, temp, var. If there is a limit to the number of logical partitions, it is far more than most people will need. Most people only need three: /(root),/home and swap. Machines with lots of RAM do not even need a swap partition. The number of logical partitions depends on what the computer will be used for.

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