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Hey everyone , hope all is good with you , I have been using windows my entire life , and now I want to switch to Linux but here is the problem that I would need some advices with. the thing is that I have studied computer software engineering and my focus is with the webs and apps development , my programming language is JavaScript , so I really don't know which Linux operating system is the best one for me , So far I have ended up with "Fedora" but I don't know if it is the right choice . I appreciate any help here . cheers and thanks.
Without making any recommendation as to which distribution to choose, fedora is certainly an appropriate choice for what you have described with a focus on web development and programming. It's a comprehensive distro that has a set of repositories that will cater to most computational needs far in excess of the requirements you have mentioned.

It is not the case, in the first instance, that all or any distribution is suitable for the requirements you mention. Many linux distributions are specialised in all sorts of ways. Some aim to be minimal, some for embedded roles, some for commercial enterprise functions, some for servers, some for music, some for art, some which use non-GNU utilities, some that eschew non-free software, some that emphasise security, some for penetration testing etc. See distrowatch.com for a listing of many of them. To find what any distribution is aimed at, the first port of call is to read their own documentation usually on their own web sites.

It may be the case that many more specialised distros can be built up and configured into comprehensive distros that can satisfy all your requirements, but it's an unnecessary and often painstaking task to do this. It's more efficient to select a more comprehensive distro like fedora in the first place as you have done.

The advantage of selecting fedora is that it is one of the "base" distributions upon which many others have been built. Another major such "base" is debian, which also would have been an appropriate choice for the requirements you mentioned. Familiarisation with such a "base" distro can help enormously when encountering any of the derivatives. There are other "bases" but I'll leave them for others to comment upon.

The attraction to Kali you mention in post #20 is not unusual. Perhaps read the documentation on the Kali web site to see it's specialisation, and compare it with your choice of the more comprehensive fedora before you make a decision.

to be honest I really like kali linux
Please read the first two post in the Kali forum [ https://www.linux.org/forums/kali-linux.162/] and the Kali full documentation on their website
Kali IS NOT a beginners' distribution,you need to be Linux experienced and Terminal competent to use it correctly. It is developed for one use only, Penetration testing. IT is no good for everyday use, If you add non-approved applications it will go horribly wrong.

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