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Sep 26, 2023
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Hello guys, I hope you are doing great??
I installed ubuntu on an old laptop of mine a few days ago and installed hdajackreatsk to use the mic in port as an aux port. Right now I have 4 speakers. (two aux ports) but I want to create a 5.1 surround by using hdmi out as the center speaker. How can I archive that? Thanks for any help (I´ve searched the whole web but can't find anything about that) Have a nice day!!!

There are devices which can decode hdmi audio to analog audio. You'd need such a device and then combine the different sinks to one (with 6 channels). Last time i checked it was around 20 bucks.
Thank you very much for your answer I will look forward to buying one of these. But I have one more question. How do I combine the sinks to one, I’ve read several tutorials but they are all pretty unclear to me…

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