ssd and sata swap configuration


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Nov 15, 2022
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Hi guys,
I have a dell inspiron 15 laptop with 120gb SSD and 1TB sata. I've got Manjaro linux on the SSD and data on the Sata.
I found a how to move $HOME from SSD to sata and it works fine. However, I would like to put the swap on sata.
The laptop has 8gb ram and I accepted the default install. It set a 512mb swap file on the SSD.
Now I would like input on the best way to configure size and method of swap.

There's a variety of opinions on the recommended swap size. They proliferate online. Generally swap is not recommended to exist on the ssd, especially if it can rather be on a hdd. The reason, in the past, was the relative limits of write-erase cycles on ssd hardware. Apparently the latest hardware is much better at this. With a 1tb hdd, I imagine there's plenty of room for a swap file or partition on the hdd, so one as large as the ram would not be unreasonable, but as I mentioned, this is a contestable issue and a read online may help you decide. If your computer use is relatively moderate, the swap may not be activated at all with 8 gb ram. If you did, for example, lots of video editing and transcoding and/or lots of compiling then swap would likely be more useful. Depends on usage.
Why not just zram, it saves you from having to create a swap partition or swap file and it taking up disk space.