Sony Bravia KDL-32WE613


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Jun 9, 2021
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I'm unshure if I have posted in the correct forum.

But however I have an Sony Bravia " Smart Tv"- KDL32WE613. All that know that this is running on some Linux version( but can't manage to know wich one).

I bought this one brand new from my local store,but what I didn't know was that model already was an discounted model from Sony.
Since this one was made for the UK market- model year 2017, but I bought it for aprox 3 years ago.

Because however since this type of software has a relativity short lifespan ( aprox 1 or 2 months), but my tv never was updated since it left the factory line( aprox 1,5 to nearly 2 years).
So what I noticed when I unboxed the unit was that the software( firmware was quite slow/ like an tired retired person who gave up).
Since it was preinstalled with load of so called factory junk( wich caused me a lot of troubles), but since this is a Tv that's where my troubles started.
I had not used my Tv for more than 2 weeks,before my first crash occured.
After I had contacted Sony ( via mail), and after a couple of mails later( and aprox 5 crashes later) Sony finaly releaed a new update. ( but however this was after nearly 1 year)

When I was in touch with Sony support ( both my local here in Sweden), but aswell with UK- I was treated like an fool/ idiot.
Since their so called fail search is on this level( what We in Sweden call Goodag herr yxaft)- instead of being servicemind an realise that this is an software related issue( not what Sony always start of how my device are connected).

But however the software had crashed for so many times that I have lost count,and after aprox 10 failed/ crashes I also got an defected Motherboard/ Tuner.
Since every time the firmware crashes all of my chanels got lost( and can't perform any new chanel serach).
All that I got is: Zero on the input antenna,and that it also blocking me from performing any chanel search- since this Tv also can recive DVB-T/2 Signals.
But also that it seems that software itself also is in some conflict with external decoder devices aswell( but strangly not DVD- Players)

But besides this my main problrm is that my local tv- distributator also has locked their network( tv) from any other equipment than their own, and also that I can't watch Tv if I don't sign up for an expencive tv subscription.
Since We here in Sweden have so called Public Service- wich mean that I already had payed so why should I pay twice?

But at the other hand they have some free chanels wich I cant watch with my build in decoder.
But since the firmware has crashed( and that Sony themselves don't seems to be interesed to solve a basic/ simpel problem), my Tv is more of an black screen.
So I had it for nearly 2 weeks now.

But however even if it seems hopeless- what I would do is to fix this problem myself( and f- off to Sony with their stupid nonsens/ accusations).
Since I don't know on wich version this units run on,maybe someone else know.
I also read somewhere that Sony has their own type of OS, but this maybe work on universal drivers aswell( non official).

But what's something positiv is that I still can recive spare parts( Motherboard and Tuner)- Since I already has the MB,but not the Tuner.
Since it's useless for me to do anything since the MB is broken( not physicaly but software/ reading error on the CPU)

Are there any TV repair shops nearby?

I bought it for aprox 3 years ago.

Exactly how long ago?

How long is Sony Bravia TV warranty?

When you buy a BRAVIA® LCD TV from Sony you get more than just a TV. You get the promise of a unique 3-year guarantee, which says a lot about our products and our belief in them.

Was it set to receive automatic updates?
Sorry if there was some sort of missunderstanding,but it seems that I still got the same answer as Sony gave me.

Since I myself had this tv for nearly 3 years( however mine is one of the latest models from 2000), I personaly know my tv as my own glove.
Since I myself is quite self taught ( have an intuitive sens)- All what sony has published on their official site ( in uk), is the matter of fact out of date.

Because what Sony( and as well as set up- boxes,digital boxes,tablets etc) share the same type of CPU's, much of the support is on the same level.

However wasn't it for mine complains to Sony they never would have released any updates.
As everybody know this type of software ( Open Source)/ app based is never the same as an *exe file( wich has an runable file). It's rather however an emulation.

Since this type needs an constant update to work smoothly( acording to my own personal knowledge not older than 2 weeks).

But now matter the frustrations- it seems that it's running on some version of Debian.
Since I myself newer had any experiences of Linux, it seems that there are lots of users,but when it comes to the edge no one seems know anything.

So the whole world of Linux seems to be a completly closed world of self taught Autistic persons with zero social interaction( of how to explain basic things)
Sony t/v's from 2015 to 2021 used Android, after 2021 they started to change the embedded system to google [same company different OS]
When Android was first developed, android was based on a standard Linux distribution, but now apart from a custom kernel [based on an outdated Linux kernel] it bears little resemblance to modern Linux

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