[SOLVED] Random Full System Crashes on Arch Installation :(

Another behavior that I noticed is the fans' noise. On Windows the fans' noise is way louder than they were under Linux. When thinking about it I remember that I use the thermald daemon to control the temperature. Could this have something to do with the issue?
I have absolutely no idea but like I said before it doesn't seem like a coincidence as in the same randomness the a screen problem is happening but with less of an effect as on Arch. Try running EndeavourOS or Arco on your laptop as well, if the same thing happens as with Arch i.c.w the very similar problem happening on Windows it only makes me think it's a hardware problem. After you have done that and you still get the same result I would send it for checkout to the place where you bought it from. I have no more ideas for you, I'll be looking forward to your updates.

Hello once again.

I have some updates. Some days ago W10 send me a notification saying I should restart in order to 'correct errors from the unit'. I did as the system said, and since that I did not have any issue regarding the instabilities. I can still find the 'GCUBridge stopped working' in the 'system error logs', but the laptop feels clean.

Since I'm no Windows expert myself I did more research about those black screens I once had, and apparently they are normal once you turned the pc/laptop on for the first time. I read something like this: "...Windows may restart the graphical server sometimes in order apply the driver's updates to the OS...". And honestly it feels like it was it.
I had two black screens when I first booted up the laptop with the new SSD, think about it, 2 GPUs, 2 black screens. I'm starting to believe that maybe the issues could be with the drivers after all. But if the issues were truly with drivers, what was I doing wrong? I tested all the drivers available...
Thinking about, maybe the issue was with the nvidia-prime? I did not try to run with optimus, in the Windows like mode after all...

Anyway, I'll give the laptop some extra W10 days just to make sure it is working like a breeze. In this weekend I'll contact the support and see what they think about it all.
Don't forget to try to install an Arch based distribution to see how it compares when running on that and to see if you have the same screen crashes happening then or not.
Hello everyone!

Last update:
I had another hard crash in which I had to hold the power button for 10 seconds. After contacting the support and doing some extra tests (benchmark, etc...), they concluded that due to the nature of the issue and its characteristics, it was probably related to the screen module. I'll be closing the topic since it has nothing to do with Linux anymore.

Thanks once again for everyone that helped, the knowledge gathered here was crucial for the resolution of the issue.
Good to know I wasn't off with my own conclusion that it was probably a hardware issue. I hope they can fix the hardware issue for you so that when it is fixed you can run Arch again normally as expected without screen crashes.
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