Setting up KVM with GUI Ubuntu getting download errors


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Hey all I am new to the world of Ubuntu.

I am trying to install UBUNTU in GUI mode so I can log into it like a normal remote desktop would work. So far I installed the GUI by doing this:

sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
It went through all of its things and i think it was successful.
Now I am trying to install the Xrpt so that I can use the remote desktop to get into the GUI Ubuntu.

When trying to use this:

sudo apt install xrdp
It asks me the normal y/n about hard drive space and when I do Y it seems to do some things but ends up stopping because it was unable to find what it needed via the https links that no longer seem to work?

I have tried the suggested:

apt-get update
And that also does not seem to work because of https links not working?

So am I doing something incorrect?


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These are DNS errors. It is saying it can't resolve

Can you ping this?

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