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Solved Run .cmd apps on linux

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Aug 14, 2023
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So I have a file called "install.cmd" which in windows need to be run with administrator, when I run it with wine it says in the terminal "Run this program as administrator". Can someone help me install this program?

cmd is windows command line [similar to our terminal] windows commands as far as I am aware will not work on Linux.
All your questions so far are windows related, so here are some general comments,
Linux IS NOT a swap for windows, it is an alternative
many windows program [we call them apps] will run on Linux [but not all of them]using wine see
If you are a gamer, most of the popular online games will run on Linux using Proton and steam, games you may have on disc or downloaded may work using Play on Linux [a front end for wine, and it is in the mint software manager]
Running Linux..
If you have a Windows machine, you can install Linux in several ways
1] a clean installation using the complete disc [this will wipe all your Windows files and folders]
2] install alongside windows [this will enable you to choose which system to use at the boot stage]
3] install Linux in a Windows system using a virtual box [by doing this you can jump between the Linux VM and the windows host OS, without re-booting
4] install windows in a Linux system Virtual box [same result as 3 above]
5] If you have a Windows machine running Windows 8.2 or higher, install WSL[Windows subsystem for Linux] and run Linux inside your Windows system [similar to 3 above]
6] install either as a persistent installation to an external pen-drive or SD card [similar result to 2 above.

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