Replace Vista on Old Computer with Linux Ubuntu

Hi i´m new in linux, I have an old HP laptop with Windows Vista home premium and i would like to install the ubuntu-14.04.6-desktop-i386.iso it is and ISO file, what do I have to do?
copy the file ISO in a pendrive and change the Boot start or intead i have to put a pendrive with rufus boootable?
I need some other program to make run a file ISO or the bios recognize it automaticate?
what should I do with that file: ubuntu-14.04.6-desktop-i386.iso?
excuse me with my write way.... thanks

how could I apply a Fresh Install of Linux
how I can format my computer's hard drive and install Linux from a CD/DVD. and runs linux as my only computer operating system
may i have a program in cd booteable and change the bios boot list?
how the install run if i have 2 partitions with my old windows shuold i make 1 only partition? or run the file without take care the old partitions?


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Welcome Alfonso :)

Others will likely be along soon to help, but two (2) things quickly:

1. DON'T use Ubuntu 14.04, use 18.04 - 14.04 's end of support happens later this month. 18.04 will last until April 2023.

2. Use Rufus on your Vista to build the USB stick, it may have two options of .iso or "dd", try dd.

Once the stick is burned (be sure you have saved any data you wish to keep from Vista), you can reboot the computer and enter your Setup to change the boot sequence to boot from the USB stick before the hard drive.

If successful, the installer for Linux will boot up, and you can choose to replace the entire system with Ubuntu.

I'll be back when I can, ask any questions.


Chris Turner
Are there any problem if I Use the Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit) on a old HP 32bit com
where can i find a Ubuntu 18.04 (32bit) , if it exist I don`t know
i thing it doesn`t work 64 on 32...
thanks to you guys, i`ll try to build the USB stick, choose the sequence and installing an fresh linux
i`m testing the link to the "How to instal Ubuntu 18......" i think its cool....


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Alfonso let's be sure first that you do not have a 64-bit capable computer CPU - it may be that it is just Vista that is 32-bit.

You can see whether you have a 64-bit or 32-bit CPU in Windows by opening the System Information window. If your System Type includes x86, you have a 32-bit CPU. If your System Type includes x64, you have a 64-bit CPU.
So go to Start and type in System and see how you go from there.



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