Replace KVM bridge with openvswitch for multiple vlan configuration in KVM host.


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Sep 28, 2018
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I would like to replace my existing KVM bridge setup with Openvswitch, as we are facing performance issue when there is heavy traffic on the server.

My existing KVM setup consisting of multiple KVM Host servers with Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. On each host machine we have two NICS example eth0 and eth1. This two port on the Physical switch is trunked. We have multiple VLAN(0, 1, 2, 4) with different range of IP addresses. In KVM host we have created "bond0" for eth0 and eth1. And then bridge "br0" is created which is assigned the IP address in range "10.50.xx.xx". Similarly for each VLAN we have created bond and bridge interface as follows:

  1. VLAN ID 1: IP range 192.168.xx.xx created bond0.1 and br0.1 in /etc/network/interfaces file.
  2. VLAN ID 2: IP range 172.16.xx.xx created bond0.2 and br0.2 and so on.
When we create Guest VM's we assigned the two interfaces for each guest one from default VLAN(ID 0) and other from remaining VLAN ID(1,2,4,16) through which traffic goes on internet.

How can I convert my same setup using Openvswitch instead of KVM bridge. Please let me know if any further details required. As I am new to Openvswitch , I tried searching but unable to figure out the right way to do it. How can I achieve the existing setup to be done using Openvswitch.

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