remove python 3.8.5 packages completely with ints dependencies from rhel 8


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May 26, 2020
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how to uninstall python 3.8.5 packages installed on rhel 8 gcp machine completely? can we use yum or dnf?please provide the complete steps.

Before removing python you should use caution. Pythons dependencies may be being used by other things on your RHEL 8 system. Removing python and it's dependencies could break the system, seriously:-

If you have a subscription and are running a server I 'strongly recommend' that you call Red Hat for support. 1-888-733-4281.

Chapter 5.1 of this PDF for RHEL 8 explains how to remove packages.

last time somebody asked My Volkerding re: slackware if it was safe to remove python 2.7 reply was 67 packages relied on it. It is being replaced by python 3.7.x but to remove python so there s no python ?
If it were my RH system I most certainly would not remove python.
Just not a wise practice IMO.

Great example captain-sensible!
Another thought sabsac,

If you are not the Administrator of this RHEL 8 Linux machine and it belongs to a employer or company you could face serious reprimand or possible termination of employment if you break the system.

-::::::-Something to think about.-::::::-
This python 3.8.5 was installed manually by me in the opt folder using wget command and the python URL link.after untarring it a folder was created inside opt
I had to install GCC libraries first. Then I used './configure --enable-optimizations' command.then when I used 'make altinstall' it gave some errors.hence my plan to remove it.this python did not come originally with rhel 8 and this is on a personal desktop.
If you installed it manually, via the makefile - then use the uninstall target of the makefile to uninstall it.

If you installed as root, you will need to su to root, or use sudo in order to run the uninstall command below.
make uninstall

NOTE: If the original installation did not complete successfully - you'll almost certainly get errors from the uninstall script too - which is to be expected.

After running the uninstall script - you can then remove all of the python 3.8.5 related stuff from /opt/.

If that doesn't work, then you'll have to remove things completely manually.
So you'd need to take a look at the makefile and read through the commands used in the altinstall build-target and see what things were copied where.
Then you'll have to manually remove those items.

But do so very carefully, or you might bork something!