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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi All,

Just been playing around with a Refracta Beowulf iso 686 version and have to say very nice effort.

Developer is Fsmithred and can be found here along with x64bit version and there is no x versions.

Desktop version default is xfce. Test machine is compaq CQ61 and you have the option in the installer to be able to boot straight into the desktop by default. It is based on Devuan Beowulf which is the equivalent of Buster. Dpkg errors that are in Debian Buster and Devuan Beowulf are non-existent and is just like previous Debian/Devuan releases.

Very small footprint. Nice work Fsmithred.

P.s. One thing that is required on some machines is to use rfkill to unblock wlan 0

So in /etc/rc.local add the line rfkill unblock wlan
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Thanks! I had never heard of "Refracta Beowulf" but am always looking for alternative distros to try out.
It is a testing ISO not official release so there may be bugs however - seems great so far.

At least dpkg works correctly.

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