rEFInd "challenge"


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Hello there!
I have a question to You guys. I have a problem, or maybe no problem but i want to change something.
I have 2 linuxes on 2 SSDs. Structure is basicly sda1 EFI sda2 / sda3 /swap sdb1 EFU sdb2 / sdb3 /swap
And now - rEFInd of course sees all 2 linuxes, but 1 of them has own GRUB. And when I choose 1st linux - its running instantly. BUT - when i choose 1nd linux - its running own GRUb and then i can run it instantly.
Ma quesiton - can i skip somehow this GRUB thing in 2nd linux?
I can add also that rEFInd is scanning (by default) EFI/Linux/grubx64.cfg (in sdb1), but i do not know how to "tell him" to look into boot/ on sdb2 to run from vmlinuz.
/Dont know if it understandable hope so.
/Thank You in advance for any tips/ help.

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