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Richard Wallace

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Nov 5, 2021
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I got widget.wttr to display current temperature but it's in celsius. Is there a way to have it display in fahrenheit?

G'day Richard, Welcome to Linux.org

where did you download this from ? Do the people there offer support?

Which Linux/etc are trying to install on?

qtile is not listed In the Linux Mint repository and as of Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa), the package has been outdated and removed from the Ubuntu’s official package list.
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I don't remember where I downloaded it from. I'm running Mint 20.2. Qtile is running just fine. I just need to know if I can get the temp in fahrenheit with the widget. What I have entered right now is
It displays the temp in celsius just fine. I don't need help with Qtile other than getting the widget to display temp in fahreheit
That reduces your chance of a solution here, to encountering someone among the Linux.org members who also runs that weather app.
If it was easily available, I would download it and sort out your problem.

I will mention a few members names here....that will have the effect of letting them know this topic is here. If they have experience of qtile they will help. If not they will move on.

Good Luck

It may be simpler to just choose another weather app. There are hundreds if not thousands of them available.

@Lord Boltar
I'd be happy to use any weather widget. I just need to know how to put it in config.py I did a search every way I could think of for a solution and none was found. This is the first time I've submitted a question to a forum. I've been using Linux for several years and till now I've always found solutions searching the net. I did try setting up XMonad but found Haskell too confusing and gave up. i3 was a snap. I had a little more trouble getting Qtile working but except for the temperature display everything is working properly.
I have no idea I don't know python, I did try Qtile but it wasn't my thing because I wanted to keep things simple so I actually understand my config when I want to change it and break something. I would think if Qtile is written in Python you should be able to change it in the config or in the widget itself, can you share a link to where you got the widget?
you may be better off looking for another App as widget.wttr is based on information from Dark sky who are in the process of withdrawing support [final shutdown of the system is scheduled for sometime next year]
Have you looked at the results of typing in 'weather' ...in the software manager in LM20.2 ?

Just click on the title of each one and it will give you a brief run down

The very first one in the list is weather-util ...it is a command line tool, quick access to weather conditions and forecasts....for the UAS and other global location ...using data from METAR data from national oceanic and atmospheric administartion from the national weather service.
.....and that is just the first one !

The list goes on....and on

I duckduckgo'd "weather app for Linux Mint"....and the list will take a night to work through
Does anyone know what I can put in the config file instead of widget.Wttr? I need to know exactly what to put in there. One character off and the whole config file reverts to what originally came with Qtile :=(. Kinda makes it difficult to troubleshoot when there's no error message. None of my searches came up with anything I could use. I did get what I needed to setup a widget for displaying upload/download activity from distrotube. I wish DT would put out a vid on a weather widget specifically. I didn't get any help from Qtile.org documentation.
I looked through the long list of weather apps in Mint Software Manager but I don't think any of them will work. I need something to put in Qtile's config file at ~/,config/qtile/config.py unless someone knows of another solution. I did create a shell script as directed to have programs startup automatically such as synclient and nitrogen but I don't see how starting a weather app there would get it into the bar like widget.Wttr does
Just a tip @Richard Wallace (and welcome to linux.org), you haven't told us which DE (desktop environment) you are using, eg MATE, Cinnamon, or Xfce.

Can't help you with the python, sorry.

Chris Turner
Just a tip @Richard Wallace (and welcome to linux.org), you haven't told us which DE (desktop environment) you are using, eg MATE, Cinnamon, or Xfce.

Can't help you with the python, sorry.

Chris Turner
Qtile it's a Window Manager.
I installed Cinnamon but I don't use it. I have been using the i3 window manager but I wanted to explore Qtile as well. I think I might prefer Qtile. I definitely prefer a dedicated window manager to a full desktop environment. I have a nephew who is a Python programmer. I don't know if familiarity with Python would help though. I think you need to know about Qtile widgets specifically
Qtile it's a Window Manager.

Aware of that, thanks. Reason I asked was that some of the alternatives in Synaptic are DE-focused and if the OP wanted to try them, that might affect the choices.

Avagudweegend, all

@Richard Wallace if you look on their README here: https://github.com/akkaky/qtile-wttr-widget

It says to set units in their configuration file, change 'm' (metric) in the config to 's' (Imperial). Fahrenheit is considered part of the Imperial system and Celsius is part of the Metric system.
widget.Wttr is not listed in Qtile documentation.

I was told in another forum that units='s' doesn't work but units='u' does. But when I enter anything other than widget.Wttr(location={'Denver': 'Denver'}) it breaks the config file. I tried separating the existing command from units='u' by a comma, a semicolon and a colon. Tried enclosing units='u' in parentheses and curly brackets and every combination of what I just mentioned and they all break the config. As with any programming, one character off will cause problems and that's apparently what's happening here.

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