Publishing Novels in Linux


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Sep 4, 2023
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Hello world,

I'm writing novels in the Western genre in Linux Mint. I use LibreWriter and Manuskript to write the books. However, formatting them for publication is rough. Gimp is great for cover work, but formatting the interior of the books in LIbreWriter is rough. I've self-published three on Amazon and I am working on more, but I was wondering if you all have used any tools for publishing books? I know Atticus is out there and runs on Linux, but as you can see from my previous tools, I am a bit strapped. I do make donations when I can to open source projects.


Welcome aboard several options mentioned here and yes Libreoffice can be rough I find when using doc or docx that when you open in office that formatting is an issue. I have to export as a PDF to get around it. I know Mike Walsh recommends Free Office.

Calibre - is a popular program that makes things easy for new users by providing excellent templates for common formats, such as kindle, various types of tablets and other hardware readers, and a lot more.

Scribus - which will let you creat professional PDF publications. There are some nice templates for posters, business cards, brochures and more.
Thanks! I've used Calibre to convert PDF to EPUB, but that only. I totally forgot about Scribus and will give that one a try.
@abparr :-

Darry's right. If given the choice between LibreOffice and Softmaker FreeOffice, I'll choose FreeOffice every time.

LibreOffice Writer perhaps has the edge for simply writing letters. For everything else, FreeOffice knocks spots off the L.O equivalents. Especially Presentations (M$ Powerpoint equivalent).

But in this case, I agree with Lord Boltar. I, too, would highly recommend giving Scribus a look for a desktop app. The best-known Windows equivalents to this are probably M$ Publisher, and Adobe's InDesign. (Notice I didn't actually say the "best".....just the "best-known". The "best" is highly debatable here..!)

In truth, I would be just as likely to log-in to my Canva a/c online, and do the work there.

Mike. ;)