Proton & DirectX shenanigans...


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Sep 23, 2021
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So this is a weird snag. When proton is installing prerequisites, it now stalls when installing DirectX. It now happens with every game I try to run. I left it running once for over an hour and still it wouldn't move forward. I can kill the setup using a task manager which will move it forward, but when I try to play the game, it get a black screen, already in the menu of one game or when entering a game of another.

I tried using proton tricks to install DirectX manually, but it says it is now deprecated and I must install individual components manually. Barring aside as to what exactly is going on here, I would still like to try installing it manually, but unfortunately, I don't know which components a game requires, all I know is that the one I'm currently dealing with runs DirectX9. It runs Pixel shader 1.3 and vertex shader 1.1.

So what components would I need to install to get the same functionality?

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