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Problems with Qmail + Webmail + Memory



Hello all,

It's my first post here, I have a BIG problem!

I'm working with Centos Release 5.8, sending e-mails on Interspire 6, using kloxo and qmail.

Last week, I received a list to send a campaign containing a lot of inexistent e-mails.

Now, Interspire can't process the bounces, because the inbox from my account can't enter.

I want to process this bounces, to delete the e-mails that doesn't exists.

The error message is: "Erro no Servidor: STATUS: Fatal error: malloc: Cannot alocate memory.

I'm trying to open on Roundcube and Horde.

Can anybody help me?



This is just a guess, but are you limiting the service user's amount of memory it can allocate? ie. /etc/security/limits.conf or something similar like a ulimit statement in a default profile.
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