problem with apt-get commands




I am using Ubuntu 10 under VMWare and behid a web proxy.
It's impossible for me to run apt-get commands (apt-get install,apt-get update, apt-get upgrade...)

Each time, I have systematically errors like :

Unable to connect to....
Unable to fetch ...

Any ideas please ?

Ps, check vm settings and see if you forgot to bridge you network card with vm
When your behind a Proxy, you have to export into the bash enviroment the proxy settings. Use this:
export HTTP_PROXY='http://$IP:$PORT'
export FTP_PROXY='ftp://$IP:$PORT'
That should close the deal. When you want to make this persistent, put it into the /etc/profile file.
Reply to nubbix :
Yes, aptitude is installed in my Ubuntu. And I get the same errors as when calling apt-get.
Concerning VM settings, I think there no problem with them because I can connect to Internet through VMWare without problems...

Reply to Akendo:
I export the proxy setting as you described but there is no change.
But, I tried to add my proxy parameters in the acquire section of the /etc/apt/apt.conf file:

And the behavior become like this :
The error "Unable to connect to...." no longer appear.
The error "Unable to fetch ..." persists.
I have this new error "400 Bad Request".

Remark : I am using Ubuntu 10.01.1 LTS

Any ideas?
Have you tried logging in to root from Terminal and install from there? or try sudo apt-get.

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