Problem after waking up and slow performance


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hey everyone, I am new to the forums (and to linux in general). I just installed eOS and it has been wonderful but I've had problems with the distro itself. First of all, when I close the laptop and open it later on the top toolbar freezes. Like I cant open my app drawer, the clock freezes, the battery indicator freezes and I can't turn off the system because I can't open the icon with the power symbol on it, and the Wi-Fi goes off so i can't activate it. I can't do anything to sum up and I have to force the shutdown. Also I'm having problems with the performance of the system but that I will comment later, I don't want to overwhelm this forum with my problems. Every comment is much obliged!

Note that this only happens when I close the lid not when I suspend from the power menu.
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Hi, I'm not familiar with that particular OS.

Lowest donation is $10 to download. Sorry I use Free OS's from other vendors.

What laptop are you using with your eOS install? What are the specs?
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Do you have the laptop make and model? It could be a driver issue but its hard to know.
I found this post saying that other Lenovo laptops have similar issues with OS's like Ubuntu. Someone did post a command that he said help with his Dell Inspiron, but I can't say for sure that I know what it does or if it will help. The post is from a year ago, but that's all I could find on the issue. :(

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