1. S

    Elementary OS (Solved)

    Ok so i followed all the advice from my previous 2 threads but this os is sucking the life out of me. Some of the code online doesn't seem to work and after i install elementary OS and i try to click on files in applications my pc just restarts. Can someone knowledgeable in this please give me...
  2. Rafaelys

    Is there a way to merge two linux partitions without losing data? [SOLVED]

    Hi there! So, here's the thing: I have a 1 Terabyte HDD on a Dell inspiron notebook (64 bit). I was using a dual boot with an old Ubuntu distro + Windows 7, which I kept for work reasons (I was obliged to use some windows software). The partitioning was 605 GB for Ubuntu (sda 2) and 67 GB for...
  3. W

    Problem after waking up and slow performance

    Hey everyone, I am new to the forums (and to linux in general). I just installed eOS and it has been wonderful but I've had problems with the distro itself. First of all, when I close the laptop and open it later on the top toolbar freezes. Like I cant open my app drawer, the clock freezes, the...